Juneau Exploring Complete Streets Concept

10/12/17 – Juneau may become a Complete Streets community. Under the federal program, a municipality may see reimbursement for up to 80-percent of the costs to reconstruct a street with sidewalks, bike lanes and other features that take in consideration pedestrians, children and those with disabilities. Mayor Dan Wegener says it’s a good idea to incorporate the ideas behind complete streets into their street maintenance program, even if the city does not get grant dollars. Officials with the Dodge County Blue Zones Project encouraged the city to update its streets ordinance with the Complete Streets concept. Wegener says it’s always a great idea to promote good health. He says having amenities like bike trails in a community is the wave of the future and Juneau needs to get on board.  The city is going to apply for grant funding to help reconstruct a two-block stretch of Depot Street estimated at $400-thousand dollars. Utility work is slated to be done in next year with the rehab work being done in 2019. The council will vote on the Complete Streets policy at their November meeting.