Juneau Common Council Approves Wage, Meeting Stipend Increases

12/13/17 – The Juneau Common Council Tuesday night unanimously approved an increase in the per meeting stipend. After the next election, the stipend will increase from $25 to $40 for elected and appointed officials along with department heads. Mayor Dan Wegener says the rate in Juneau is 85-to-90-percent of what neighboring communities offer. Wegener says it is important to keep reimbursements at comparable levels to remain competitive and attract fresh blood to city government. Earlier this year on a split vote, the council voted to bring their yearly base salary up to what it had been before the recession when they approved a pay cut. After the next election, alderpersons will make a base salary of $1200, up $200, while the mayor will get $6000, up from $5000. A subsequent vote to increase the per meeting stipend from $25 to $40 failed 4-to-3 with the mayor casting the tie-breaking vote against the hike. Wegener says he has always supported the stipend increase but voted against it because he wanted there to be unanimous support by the council and felt more information needed to be provided before a second vote.

The Juneau Common Council Tuesday night also approved a wage increase for the police department. The officers represented by the Juneau Professional Police Association will receive a three-percent pay increase in 2018 followed by two-and-a-half percent increases in each of the following two years. The common council also approved the 2018 wage scale for non-represented city employees, who will see a two-and-a-half percent increase next year. The increase had previously been approved as part of the budget process. In addition, city employees who attend out-of-town conferences, seminars or school will see a higher reimbursement rate for meals. Council action last night increases meal compensation from $25-per-day to $35.