Juneau Approves Sewer Rate Increase

5/10/17 –  The Juneau Common Council last night approved a second round of sewer rate increases. The ordinance includes a five-percent, across-the-board increase for sewer service charges. It is part of a two-phase increase that saw the initial five-percent approved last May. Juneau’s sewer utility will charge $6.14 per thousand gallons of sewage discharged into the sanitary sewer.  The monthly service charge also increases by five percent, ranging from $15.84 for a water meter that is five-eighths-of-an-inch to $994 for one that is ten inches. Mayor Dan Wegener says the utility needed to raise the rate to maintain services; a recent audit showed the utility was no longer making money.  This second round of increases will allow the utility to turn a profit with the excess funds being used for infrastructure improvements to the sanitary sewer system. The sewer rate change will take effect May 18.