June Traffic Deaths Below Average

7/8/11 – Fifty-two people were killed in Wisconsin traffic accidents last month. That’s tied for the second-lowest deaths in June since 1946. The state D-O-T said there were three fewer traffic deaths last month than the year before, and eight less than the average for the past five years. It’s no secret that many people have been driving less as gas prices hover above 3.50-a-gallon. But the D-O-T credits fewer motorcycle deaths for the overall decrease in traffic fatalities. Randy Romanski says education and driver awareness are the main reasons that only 32 motorcyclists have been killed in Wisconsin in the first six months of the year – down from 46 in the same period a year ago. Overall, the Badger State had 233 traffic fatalities from January-through-June – down 18 from a year ago.