July 21, 2016

States Newest Elizabethkingia Cases Are In Dodge County


7/21/16 – It has been nearly two months since Wisconsin has had a new case of Elizabethkingia but now we’re learning of two new cases being identified and both are in Dodge County. That’s according to Dodge County Public Health Officer Jody Langfeldt who says with the two new people identified this month there are now 63 cases in the state. Nineteen people have died from the virus including one person from Dodge County. Langfeldt says another Dodge County resident who had been infected recently passed away but it has not been confirmed if the death was related to Elizabethkingia or natural causes. She says efforts are still underway to determine where the cause of the virus. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention were initially conducting interviews of infected individuals but Langfeldt says that job has now been given to the county of residence. County public health staff is conducting the surveys asking those diagnosed “anything and everything that could shed some light on why this has become such a big deal in our area.” In one of the recent Dodge County cases, the subject had recently been out in his yard so the county took soil samples. Investigators are also looking at what people are eating and where they have traveled. In addition to Dodge County, other area counties with reported cases include Columbia, Fond du Lac, Washington and Jefferson counties. Elizabethkingia has also been reported in neighboring Michigan and Illinois. The highest number of cases with the same strain is in south central and south east Wisconsin. Langfeldt says investigators still do not understand why this region is at the “epicenter” of the outbreak. Most of those affected are over the age of 65 and all with serious underlying health issues. The symptoms include fever, chills and shortness of breath.


No Charges Filed Against Teens In Iron Ridge Mine Rescue


7/21/16 – No charges will be filed against three teenagers who went missing in an abandoned mine near Iron Ridge. Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says the mine’s owner, U-W Milwaukee, did not want to press charges — and the school believed the boys learned their lessons. Officials say the mines had “No Trespassing” signs where two 16-year-old boys and a 15-year-old boy went in. They were reported missing July 10th. Dozens of people took part in a search effort which ended the next day when the teens were found in a tunnel unharmed.


Dodge, Columbia Not Part Of Excessive Heat Warning


7/21/16 – Wisconsin will feel even more heat and humidity Thursday — which is hard to believe, considering it was 98 Wednesday at Cable in the far northwest, and Milwaukee reached 90 by noon. The National Weather Service has issued rare excessive heat warnings for about the western and southern halves of Wisconsin. Dodge and Columbia counties are no longer part of the excessive heat warning. Jefferson and Dane counties are among the counties that are part of the warning which runs from noon today until 7pm tomorrow. It’s not the temperatures that are causing the concerns — some places won’t even hit 90 in the afternoon — but the high humidity will drive up the heat index to at least 100 in most places, and 115 in some.


Dodge County Officials Advising Residents Of Heat Tips


7/21/16 – People are encouraged to follow a number of safety tips during this week’s excessive heat warning.  Dodge County’s Emergency Management Office is encouraging people to stay in air-conditioned buildings, avoid direct sunlight, limit physical activity, wear lightweight clothing, and drink plenty of water.  They say young children, the elderly, overweight people, and those with chronic medical conditions are at the greatest risk.  Dodge County’s last excessive heat warning was in 2012.


Columbia County Offering Residents Cooling Shelters


7/21/16 – Columbia County’s Emergency Management Office is offering residents a way to beat the heat.  Cooling shelters are open in six Columbia County municipalities today and tomorrow.  Those include the Columbus Senior Center, which is open from 8 am to 4 pm, and Fall River’s Village Hall which is open from 8 am to 4:30 pm Thursday and 8 am to Noon on Friday.  Similar stations are set up in Pardeeville, Portage, Poynette, and the Wisconsin Dells.  People are encouraged to bring their own food, water, medications, and entertainment.  No pets are allowed.


State, Local Highway Officials Warn Of Pavement Buckling


7/21/16 – State and local transportation officials are warning drivers about the possibility of pavement buckling during this spell of hot and humid weather. Dodge County Highway Department Commissioner Brian Field says during a heat wave, the public should report anything out of the ordinary with concrete pavement. The heat causes the cement slabs to expand and push-up against each other, causing them to fail. A tell-tale warning sign, Field says, is gravel around the joint between two concrete slabs. The state DOT recommends slowing down, buckling up and eliminating any distractions while you are driving.


Fall River Sewer Rates On The Rise


7/21/16 – The Columbus Common Council took action this week on part of Baker-Tilley’s municipal sewer rate recommendation for the three-community wastewater system. The City of Columbus, Village of Fall River and Town of Elba share wastewater collection and treatment facilities.  The council partially approved sewer rate recommendations that were part of a mandatory bi-annual report to the state DNR.  The council approved recommended sewer rate hikes for the Village of Fall River but will still re-visit the study at its next meeting. The Columbus and Elba sewer rates will be discussed July 31st.


Hartford Woman Killed In Milwaukee Area Crash


7/21/16 – A 60-year-old Hartford woman was killed in a four car pileup in suburban Milwaukee that also injured three others. It happened Tuesday afternoon near Jackson on Highway 60. Washington County sheriff’s deputies say a 21-year-old man lost control of his auto and slammed into the woman’s oncoming car — and the woman’s car then hit a parked vehicle, while another driver who tried avoiding the crash ran into a ditch.


Watertown Man Accused Of Stealing From Former Employer


7/21/16 – Bond was set at $1,000 yesterday for a Watertown man accused of stealing from a Clyman business.  Armando Tovar is facing one felony Burglary count for allegedly breaking into his former employer, Pernat Haase Meats, and stealing nearly $6,000 from the safe.  The 31-year-old faces over 12 years in prison if he is convicted.  Tovar’s preliminary hearing is September 8.


Walker Endorses Trump At GOP Convention


After having his jobs record slammed by Donald Trump in March, Governor Scott Walker gave full support to the G-O-P White House nominee during his primetime convention speech. Walker, in his first national T-V appearance since his own bid for president, called Trump a leader who’s “not afraid to take on the mess in Washington.” But most of the governor’s speech was an attack on Democrat Hillary Clinton, coordinated with delegate signs that read, “America Deserves Better” — and Walker used that phrase numerous times as he said he wouldn’t trust Clinton with the password to his iPhone, let alone access to the type of classified information the F-B-I found on her private email server. But Walker did toe the line for Trump, unlike the candidate he supported in the April primary. Ted Cruz was booed by delegates as he refused to support Trump and told Americans to vote their “conscience” in November.