Judge Doesn’t Throw Out Lawsuit Challenging Use of Dogs for Wolf Hunt

A judge in Madison refused to throw out a lawsuit Friday that challenges the use of dogs in Wisconsin’s first wolf hunt. Dane County Circuit Judge Peter Anderson refused to buy the D-N-R’s claims that lawmakers did not give the agency the authority to ban hunting dogs – and that the humane societies which filed the lawsuit would not be harmed if dogs were allowed. Anderson said the groups might have

to spend more money treating injured dogs and wolves. And the judge said Legislature intended that the D-N-R at least consider restrictions on hunting dogs. The ruling means a temporary injunction banning the dogs will be in place when the wolf hunt begins on October 15th. It runs through next February, and a lottery was held to choose the 11-hundred-60 hunters who will get licenses. The D-N-R said it would send out letters today to those who’ve won the lottery. Officials say those who didn’t get picked this year would get a preferential standing next year. Over 20-thousand people applied for the hunt, in which sportsmen-and-women can take a total of 116 wolves.