Joint Grant Awarded To Dodge And Fond du Lac County To Combat Opioid Crisis

(Juneau) Officials from Dodge and Fond du Lac County recently found out their joint proposal for a regional opioid treatment grant was chosen for funding. Over $666-thousand dollars will be awarded from the state and is currently slated to start on April 1st. Dodge County Health and Human Services Director Rebecca Bell says the region was identified as a high needs area due to the high number of opioid related deaths. The grant’s purpose is to serve as a joint effort between both counties to meet the needs of individuals on a regional basis who are struggling with opioid addiction. Bell says two or more counties were needed to join forces as a part of the requirements to submit a proposal. She says she used to work in Fond du Lac County and reached out to an old-coworker to discuss the best way to proceed. Bell says within the grant proposal there is money set aside for residential care and treatment, medication assisted treatment, medically monitored detox services, as well as transportation services. The proposal also includes a subcontract with a Milwaukee based non-profit called Justice Point. Bell says the agency will serve as a first point of contact. She says they will be responsible for enrolling individuals into the program and providing intensive case management services to ensure the success of the individual. As well as assist individuals with employment, housing, transportation to treatment services, and providing extensive support to those seeking recovery services. Bell says Dodge County currently works with the group on their Treatment Alternatives and Diversion program. She says because the grant takes a regional approach, individuals in other counties that have been identified as high risk such as Marquette, Adams, Juneau, and Manitowoc would also be able to receive services from the grant. After the contract is reviewed and signed, a resolution will be presented to the County Board for approval. Bell says anyone struggling with opioid abuse should reach out to her department to seek help. The phone number for the Dodge County Health and Human Services Department is 920-386-3500.