Johnny’s Lounge Reopening Under New Management

(Beaver Dam) Johnny’s Lounge is reopening under new management. The embattled Beaver Dam bar failed to have its liquor license reissued following a series of apparent city ordinance infractions. The Beaver Dam Common Council Monday night approved a provisional liquor license for Gregg Clark, who is leasing the building. The Beaver Dam-native plans on being open seven days per week, retaining three former employees. Clark says he has plans to change the name to “Clark’s,” though the Johnny’s sign may stay in place for a while. Police Chief John Kreuziger says Clark passed a background check, noting that the two have had several conversations and he welcomes the new license holder. The need for a provisional license is timing-related, because Clark will not be eligible for permanent liquor license until Wednesday and the next council meeting is not for another month. The provisional license is good for 60 days until the permanent license can be secured.