John Deere to Celebrate 100-Years in Horicon

7/27/11 – Horicon Mayor Jim Grigg says without the John Deere plant his city would be a shell of its current self. And it’s for that reason, and many others, that he’s so excited to celebrate the company’s 100-years of production in the community next month. The city and John Deere have been planning a celebration that will include a parade and other acknowledgments of the company’s impact. Grigg says the tax base provided by the plant is important but he also believes the company’s employees have played, and continue to play, integral roles in the city, including on the school board and city council. The celebration is planned for Saturday August 27th and Grigg says John Deere will be reimbursing the city for any expenses. A completed schedule of events is expected to be released in the coming weeks.