JFC Co-Chair Born Says Marijuana Legalization Does Not Belong In Budget

(Madison) Governor Tony Evers will include language to legalize medical and recreational marijuana in his state budget. It’s a policy change the Democratic governor says he thinks belongs in the spending plan he’ll officially announce on Tuesday.

“Every person in the Capitol knows that policy is primarily made through the budget-making process,” Evers said Sunday on WISN’s UpFront. “There’s no reason that it can’t be part of the budget, and I’m hoping to get it done. If the legislature want to take it up and pass it outside the budget, I’m more than willing to do that.”

Joint Finance Committee co-chair, Representative Mark Born of Beaver Dam doesn’t see it that way.

“This is a good example of kind of what we encouraged Governor Evers not to do in his budget,” Born said, also on UpFront. “Policy items like this are better discussed in the legislative process. We should have a bill, we should have public hearings.”


Courtesy of WRN