Jefferson County Residents Vote Down Referendum to Fund Assisted Living Facility

(Jefferson) Residents in Jefferson County yesterday voted down a referendum that would have increased property taxes years to fund the Countryside Home assisted living facility. The county is facing a three-point-five-million-dollar deficit and officials say expenses are exceeding revenues. If the referendum had been approved, property taxes would have increased by sixteen-point-five-percent (16.5%) over the next four years and all the extra tax funding would have been used to fund the facility. Because they are not mandated to run the facility, county officials say the no vote will force the county to put the six-year-old building up for sale. Once sold, the home would be run through the private sector and county residents would no longer be paying for its operation. Nearly 4800 residents said “no” to the ballot question while roughly 3500 voters were in support. Fifteen point five percent (15.5%) of the nearly 53,000 registered voters in Jefferson County cast a ballot in yesterday’s special election.