Jefferson County Fair Director Accused of Embezzling

10/5/11 – The Jefferson County Fair Director is facing nine counts of felony misconduct in office for the misuse of a county credit card. Paul Novitzke is also charged with one count each of theft by false representation and theft in a business setting, both misdemeanors. The 44-year-old Jefferson man was issued a credit card by the county in 2008 and the first alleged misuse of the card came the following year. According to prosecutors, Novitzke used the card to purchase nearly $140 worth of merchandise from Dick’s Clothing along with several smaller amounts at other establishments throughout the state and some out of state. Novitzke claims the charges he faces have come as the result of him mixing up the county card with his own personal card and says he has reimbursed the county for the money owed. An investigator on the case notes that Novitzke has experienced financial troubles of late but has a good job and is paying off his other debts. Novitzke says he’ll fight the charges and believes he’ll be found not guilty. If convicted on all charges, Novitzke is facing 32-years in prison.