Jase & Dino

Meet Jase!

This handsome young man made his way to the shelter as a stray and is now looking for a forever home! We don’t know anything about his past, but we do know Jase is sweet, playful and loves people! We have not dog or cat tested this young man yet, but he seems to have an easy going tempament. We noticed Jase has a really “loooong” body, and we were trying to guess what he’s mixed with! But whatever his breed, we do know he’s a wonderful boy and will make a great companion! Come meet Jase this week.


Meet Dino 

How is this for a handsome face? Five year old Dino has traveled across a few Wisconsin counties to find his forever home. Dino, who came from Milwaukee County (MADACC) was the 20,000th passenger of BRATS, is now in Dodge County looking for his forever home. He is one of our special Feline Leukemia positive cats staying with us and his buddies until he finds a home. Being FeLV+, Dino has to be an only cat in the home or he can live with other FeLV cats like he is here at the DCHS. Dino must live indoors as to not spread the disease to other cats, and to keep him healthy from respiratory viruses. All our FeLV cats adoption fees are waived to help them find homes.Come visit Dino and meet and absolutely wonderful cat!