Januay 17, 2013

No Connection Between Fleet Farm Break-In and Auto Zone Robbery


1/17/13 – Investigators do not believe there is a connection between the armed robbery Tuesday night at Auto Zone in Beaver Dam and the weapons that were stolen during a break-in at Fleet Farm earlier this month. Two men entered the auto parts business carrying a shotgun and a handgun and fled with an undisclosed amount of cash. The shotgun was left at the scene. Beaver Dam Police Detective Ryan Klavekoske says they are trying to ascertain more information about the gun but he can confirm that it is not listed as a stolen firearm. The shotgun was left at the scene following a struggle between one of the robbers and an employee. The employee was struck with the shotgun then later treated and released from Beaver Dam Hospital. Klavekoske says it was a brazen act and he does not encourage the public to intervene in an armed robbery.


State Officials React to Obama Gun Control Measures


1/17/13 – Milwaukee’s mayor says the killings of three women at a Brookfield spa might not have happened had President Obama’s new gun measures been in place. Obama unveiled a series of executive orders and congressional measures yesterday – one of which would require universal background checks for all gun sales. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said the universal check would have stopped domestic abuser Radcliffe Haughton from getting a gun the day before he killed his estranged wife, two others, and himself in Brookfield last October. Barrett is a co-founder of the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns. More than 800 mayors are in that group, and they’ve supported some of the things the president called for – the universal background checks, a ban on assault weapons, and limits on high-capacity magazines. Barrett says he and Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn expect to hear plenty from pro-gun supporters – but the mayor says most Americans are ready for new gun control.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke calls the Obama measures meaningless. He says they’re an emotional, knee-jerk reaction to last month’s Sandy Hill school shootings in Newtown Connecticut. Clarke says judges and prosecutors need more backbone to enforce what’s already on the books. He also wants to eliminate what he calls “watered-down sentences” for crimes that involve guns. Some sheriffs around the country have said they won’t enforce the president’s gun measures. Clarke said he wouldn’t go that far.


Governor Scott Walker says his office will meet in a week-or-so with mental health and law enforcement experts, to see what types of mental health services need to be improved. In Hartford yesterday, The Republican Walker was asked about President Obama’s gun control measures that he announced earlier in the day. The governor said the Obama’s proposals don’t get to the heart of the problem – and neither does the pro-gun view putting armed personnel in schools. Walker said it’s more important to determine how people get so mentally disturbed, that they’re capable of making what he called “tragic choices” – and that includes not only school violence, but Tuesday’s threat against people in the State Capitol in which a man claimed that he took Molotov cocktails into the building. Walker says only a limited number of people get to the point of being able to make decisions like those. He said experts need to dig deeper, and provide mental health assistance for troubled individuals before they resort to violence.


Heritage Village Mall Break-in Under Investigation


1/17/13 – The Beaver Dam Police Department is investigating a break-in at the Heritage Village Mall. The burglary was reported Tuesday morning and would have occurred during the overnight hours. Power tools were stolen. It was one of several breaking-and-entering’s reported in the city this week. Most of the incidents were minor targeting sheds and garages with little to nothing stolen. A burglary was also reported Tuesday at an apartment on Bogert Street and electronics were taken. Nothing was reported missing at a break-in on Wayland Street Tuesday where a door was kicked in to gain entry.


Gamboeck Pleads Not Guilty


1/17/13 – A suspect in a series of multi-county daytime burglaries was arraigned Wednesday in Dodge County court.  Angel Gamboeck of Marshall entered a “not guilty” plea to charges of felony Identity Theft for allegedly using a debit card stolen in the burglary. The 23-year-old and two others are also facing dozens of burglary and theft charges in Columbia County. Authorities executed a search warrant in Dane County in October and recovered thousands of dollars in stolen guns, tools, jewelry, cosmetics, furniture and other household items. Prosecutors say their crime spree supported their drug habits. Angel Gamboeck is the subject of a three-part series in the Denver Post about her heroin use.


Vessey: Shootings a Symptom of Larger Problem


1/17/13 – Beaver Dam School Superintendent Steve Vessey says school shootings are not the problem but, rather, a symptom of the greater problem within society, community and family that needs to be tackled from multiple angles. Vessey was a guest of ours on WBEV’s Community Comment during a discussion on increasing violence, along with Ed Ormont of Dodge County Human Services who says common thread between the recent tragedies appears to be alienation. Ormont says it our responsibility in society to ask how the alienated are treated and if there are safety nets in place. District Attorney Kurt Klomberg says everyone needs to take personal responsibility to make our community a better place. Rev. Mark Molldrem says even those who are broken need to find a balance to become a healthy individual that contributes to the well-being of the larger community. All four will also participate in a panel discussion at the First Lutheran Church in Beaver Dam on February 4.


Capitol Put on Lockdown After Threat of Explosives


1/17/13 – Charges are expected today against a 20-year-old Milwaukee man who claimed to take Molotov cocktails into the State Capitol on Tuesday. Authorities were ready for Kvon Smith, after he said on Facebook that he would cause harm at the statehouse – and officers nabbed him just moments after he arrived. Part of the Capitol’s west wing was evacuated, as a bomb squad checked out Smith’s backpack. The Wisconsin State Journal said none of the liquid bottles turned out to be explosive. One had motor oil – another had rubbing alcohol – and a third was a mix of water-and-chalk. Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne said he was planning to charge Smith today with carrying a concealed weapon, trying to make Molotov cocktails, disorderly conduct, and felony-and-misdemeanor bail jumping connected with an unrelated charge last month. The incident occurred just hours before Governor Scott Walker delivered his State-of-the-State message to all legislators, state officials, and invited guests in the Assembly chamber. But officials said it was not clear that Smith knew the event was taking place. During a visit to Hartford yesterday, the Republican Walker said he did not believe he was a target. He said the Capitol Police let his office know about Smith before he arrived – and he praised the officers for their work. The governor said quote, “It could have ended up very dangerous – It did not, thankfully.”


New K-9 Handler at BDPD


1/17/13 – The Beaver Dam Police Department has announced the selection of their newest K9 handler. Officer Nathan Keener, a five-year veteran of the department, was promoted to the position. For Keener, the new role takes on added meaning as his father established the K9 program in Portage County in the early 1990s. He says it’s been a dream of his and admitted when Keener broke the news he got a little teary-eyed and said dad was proud. In addition, Lt. Branson Stommel was named the “officer in charge,” handling the administrative aspect of the program. The two will begin the process of selecting a dog and then begin training during the warm weather months. The new dog will be trained by Jeanne Frost of the Waupun Police Department. Frost has trained dogs across the country and was the trainer for the Dodge County Sheriffs Department’s dual K9 unit. Beaver Dam’s canine program has been funded community donations – around $20,000 so far. The department’s last K9, Ali, died in 2010 after six years with the department.