January 9, 2013

DOJ Program Solves Fall River Purse Snatching


1/9/13 – The state Justice Department is touting the technology that helped solve a crime in Fall River. The Wisconsin Crime Alert Network allows law enforcement to issue alerts to residents and business owners by email, fax or text message. Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen says the crime alert played a key role in tracking down a suspect who stole a purse from an unlocked vehicle in Fall River on Monday. The purse contained credit cards, gift cards and cash and one of those credit cards was used to make a purchase at a Beaver Dam business.  The alert went out to retailers and law enforcement with photos of the suspect and a vehicle description.  Fall River police were contacted by Beaver Dam officers who were able to identify the suspect.  Fall River officers interviewed the suspect, obtained some of the stolen property, and the case is being referred for prosecution. Fall River Police Chief Brent Van Gysel commended his officers for conducting an excellent investigation that led to the arrest of a thief suspected of numerous crimes in the area. He also calls the Crime Alert Network “a great tool.” Since it became operational in last fall, more than 800 alerts have gone out for crimes ranging from sexual assaults to endangered missing persons, as well as cases of theft and robbery. Officers have reported several cases that were solved within one hour. It was the first time Fall River used the alert system.


With the WCAN, law enforcement officers issue alerts at no cost either by fax, e-mail or text message to individuals and business owners, who may enroll online to receive alerts at a cost of $12 a year. To enroll or to learn more about the WCAN, visit the website: http://www.wisconsincrimealert.gov/


The WCAN also is hosting free crime prevention webinars for subscribers. The next scheduled training is Wednesday, January 30, 2013, from 2-2:30 pm.  It is entitled “Social Network Privacy:  How to Protect Yourself and Your children,” and it will cover how criminals are using social networking sites to facilitate identity theft.  Participants will learn what should remain private when using social media sites and other tips, strategies and tools for protecting sensitive, personal information.  Visit http://www.wisconsincrimealert.gov/ for details.


Standoff Suspect Arraigned


1/9/13 – A Beaver Dam man entered a plea of “not guilty by reason of mental defect” at arraignment Tuesday to charges that he sparked a four-hour stand-off with police. Tracy Fredrick is charged with two felonies — False Imprisonment and Failure to Comply with Officers — along with five counts of Criminal Damage to Property and Disorderly Conduct. Authorities were called to a home on North Center Street last month. A woman was retrieving property from the residence and got into an argument with Fredrick. At one point, the 40-year-old allegedly grabbed the woman’s arm and restrained her. The woman’s grandfather attempted to intervene and was struck multiple times. The two fled and contacted police. When officers attempted to make contact, Frederick reportedly started banging on the door from the inside with what turned out to be a knife. He was hitting the door so hard that the blade of the knife went clear through.  The Dodge County SWAT team was called in. After two hours of negotiations, Fredrick exited and was taken into custody. The court is selecting a doctor and a telephone scheduling conference is on the calendar in March.


Beyer Enters Not Guilty Plea


1/9/13 – A Port Washington man charged in Dodge County with molesting two pre-teens will proceed to trial. Gregory Beyer yesterday waived his right to a preliminary hearing and then entered a “not guilty” plea. The 47-year-old is charged with a pair of felony counts of First Degree Sexual Assault of a Child Under the Age of 13 for two separate offenses that allegedly happened on the same night last February in the Town of Emmet. The assaults reportedly occurred when Beyer entered the bedroom of one sleeping child. A second child later awoke in Beyer’s bed unsure of how he got there. Prosecutors say Beyer has a history of molesting the children of women he dates. The criminal complaint lists two similar incidents that occurred in 1997 and 2001 with children roughly the same age. The charges carry a combined maximum of 120 years in prison, if he is convicted. Beyer is out of jail after posting bond and has court activity on the calendar in March.



High-Speed Chase Lands Man in Jail


1/9/13 – An Appleton man will spend at least four months in jail for leading police on a high speed chase through Dodge County that reached speeds of 130 miles per hour. Nicholas Weyers pled “no contest” yesterday to a felony charge of Fleeing an Officer and had a handful of other felony, misdemeanor and traffic charges dismissed but read into the record. Weyers was driving on a suspended license last June when he refused to pull over on Highway 151 near Jackson Road. The trooper pursued Weyers down County G and called off the chase 24-miles later at Highway 16 near Columbus. The 23-year-old was later apprehended by police in Waterloo. Weyers was planed on probation for 30 months and ordered to spend the first four months of a year-long sentence in jail with Huber privileges. If he stays out of trouble and complies with a six month drivers license revocation, he will not need to serve the remaining eight months of his sentence.


Peterson in Court


1/9/13 – A Beaver Dam man entered a “not guilty” plea at arraignment Tuesday in Dodge County court to charges related to his role in an international child pornography ring. 27-year-old Justin Peterson is also facing a state charge in Milwaukee County for possessing child porn and also First Degree Child Sexual Assault. Peterson was one of 245 people arrested last fall in a federal crackdown called Operation Sunflower. Investigators in Australia allegedly tracked Peterson through an email address registered with a Russian file-sharing website. That email account was linked to over 200 other email accounts either sending or receiving hundreds of images of child pornography. Peterson reportedly admitted to investigators that he took photographs and videos of three pre-pubescent children living in his house and traded the images. His arrest resulted in the rescue of one victim and the identification of two others.  Peterson has proceedings on the calendar again in both counties next month.


Waupun Man Pleads Not Guilty


1/9/13 – A 25-year-old Waupun man entered a “not guilty” plea at arraignment Tuesday to charges that he used Facebook to arrange sex with – someone he thought was – a 15-year-old girl. Zachary Tenpas Tenpas allegedly asked the teen to be friends with him on Facebook in October. Tenpas reportedly messaged her saying “hey cutie” and the girl’s father engaged him in a sexual conversation, telling him that she would be home alone and inviting him to her residence.  A meeting was arranged in public and Tenpas reportedly made contact with a police officer he believed to be the underage girl and was promptly arrested. Tenpas remains jailed on a $5000 cash bond.


Cost and Size of Pool in Waupun Increases


1/9/13 – The cost of a new pool in Waupun is going up but the financial impact for residents is not. The common council approved the recommendation for final design plans last night. In an August advisory referendum, voters favored a 6200-square-foot pool in Fond du Lac County Park at a cost of roughly $3.1-million dollars. However, the final plan calls for a pool that will be roughly 9200-square feet and cost between $3.9-million and $4.2-million. Alderman Mike Johnson says the smaller pool wouldn’t have fit their needs. He says the $800,000 increase in the price will be covered by TIF District funds — and that the impact on tax payers will stay at the 43-cents per 1,000 of assessed value as laid out in the referendum. The city is hoping to have the pool completed by the summer of 2014.


Pay Raise for Juneau Workers


1/9/13 – The Juneau Common Council last night approved a three-percent across the board increase for 22 utility workers and city hall staffers along with the clerk-treasurer and the police chief. In addition, two employees received an additional 25-cents per hour and one worker saw a $2-per hour raise instead of the three-percent increase. Clerk-Treasurer Gladys McKay says the employees were hired during a pay freeze and the additional money brings them closer to parity with their co-workers.



Juneau Council Hears Borrowing Plan


1/9/13 – The Juneau Common Council last night heard the details of a plan for $1.5 million in new borrowing to pay for street reconstruction. The loan would be paid with revenue from Tax Increment District #2. The reconstruction includes city street projects that fall within the borders of the TIF. The biggest project is the $1.5 million reconstruction of South Mill Street near Sensient Flavors. A grant will cover a half-million dollars of the project while the city-owned utility will pay for another quarter-million dollars; the remainder will be borrowed from the State Trust Fund and the loan repaid with TIF funds. Juneau has a debt capacity of just over $5.2 million dollars and the new borrowing brings the city’s total debt to $3.3 million. Also last night, the council heard the details of a plan to refinance old debt. Just over $200,000 in borrowed money would be refinanced at a lower interest rate saving the city around $14,000.


Waupun Deer Hunter Sets Record


1/9/13 – A deer hunter from Waupun has set a new state record for a typical buck shot by a bow-and-arrow. Dusty Gerrits shot the deer on November sixth in Fond du Lac County. The rack dried for the required 60 days. And then a scoring panel measured the 12-point rack at 189-and-three-eighths’ inches. That broke the old mark by one-and-three-quarter inches, set by Brian Inda near Wild Rose in 2010. The record for a non-typical buck is also held in Fond du Lac County. Wayne Schumacher shot that deer in 2009, with a score of 243-and-three-quarter inches.


Woman Facing Charges for Calling 911 to Get Out of Traffic Tickets


1/9/13 – A Waukesha woman will be sentenced January 31st after she admitted making false 9-1-1 calls to try and get out of traffic tickets. Prosecutors said 33-year-old Aisha Jackson was stopped several times for traffic violations – and each time, she waited for the officer to return to the squad to process her information, and then she called 9-1-1 to report a fake emergency. Each time, the officers drove away to the fake emergencies, only to find that nothing happened. Investigators eventually linked the calls to Jackson, and she was charged with seven misdemeanor counts of making false 9-1-1 calls. She pleaded guilty to two of those counts, and the other five were dropped in a plea deal. The judge also dropped some previous charges against Jackson including misdemeanor, felony identity theft, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, and bail jumping.