January 12, 2013

Teen Sentenced For Drunk Driving Injury Accident


1/12/13 – A Beaver Dam teen who injured several passengers in a drunken driving accident was sentenced Friday to one year in jail. In October, Adam Klodowski pled to a felony charge of Injury By Intoxicated Use of a Vehicle and a pair of misdemeanors and had seven other charges dropped. Klodowski was southbound on Thompson Road with five other teenage passengers in November of 2011 when he lost control near Highway 33 and rolled the vehicle into a ditch. The 19-year-old was one of the three ejected. The victim’s injuries included punctured lungs, bone fractures, broken backs and snapped vertebrae. Klodowski admitted to investigators at the scene that he had consumed six beers while driving in the truck. His blood alcohol level was point-one-two-two (.122). A three year prison sentence was imposed and stayed and Klodowski will serve his year in jail with Huber privileges. He was also placed on probation for seven years and ordered to maintain absolute sobriety. In addition, Klodowski had his driver’s license suspended for two years and was ordered to tell authorities where he got the alcohol the night of the accident.


Huber Inmate Attempts Public Suicide


1/12/13 – A Dodge County Sheriff’s deputy helped save the life of a suicidal Huber inmate early this morning. According to department records, a 20-year-old inmate approached a deputy in the parking lot outside the Huber Facility on West Center Street in Juneau around 12:30am and revealed that he had slit his wrists. The inmate was transported to the hospital, medically cleared and then transported back to the jail where he was placed on suicide watch.


Eichsteadt Gets 90 Days For Morphine Theft


1/12/13 – A Watertown man who stole morphine from his dying father-in-law will spend three months in jail. Police responded to a death investigation at the Town of Shields home of Marc Eichsteadt in March. Eichsteadt’s father-in-law was in hospice at the residence and had been given 20 syringes of morphine; 14 went missing. Investigators attempted to question Eichsteadt but it took him 20 minutes to get out of bed and then he sat on the couch unable to answer questions. He did write a statement for investigators, in shorthand. Deputies say he appeared to be under the influence of drugs. The 54-year-old was asked the next day to submit to a drug test but said it would not be necessary and confessed to taking the syringes, stealing pills from his father-in-law and replacing all the rest of his morphine with water. Eichsteadt pled no contest this week to three reduced misdemeanor counts of Possession of an Illegally Obtained Prescription and was placed on deferred prosecution for felony drug possession, meaning if he stays out of trouble for the next five years the felony will be dropped; if not, he’ll be charged as a habitual criminal with greatly enhanced penalties. Eichsteadt was also placed on probation for two years. His 90 day jail sentence will be served with Huber privileges.


West Bend Woman Enters Plea In Child Death


1/12/13 – Seven drug charges were dismissed against a 25-year-old West Bend woman who pleaded no contest to a count of felony child neglect resulting in the death of her three-year-old daughter last May.  Leann Leszynski will be sentenced in April.  She could get up to 15 years in prison, though prosecutors are asking for ten years.  The child died of a massive streptococcus infection.  The mother refused to seek medical treatment for the girl, fearing she would be accused of child abuse.  Her 25-year-old boyfriend, Justin Streicher, has pleaded not guilty and is scheduled to go to trial in March.


Statewide, Circuit Judge Signatures Validated


1/12/13 – All five candidates for two statewide offices this spring will be certified on Monday – and their names will be placed on the ballot. The state Government Accountability Board said the five candidates did not have any of their nominating signatures challenged. That means Supreme Court Justice Pat Roggensack and challengers Vince Megna and Ed Fallone will have a primary on February 19th – and state school Superintendent Tony Evers and Assembly Republican Don Pridemore of Hartford will have their one-and-only contest on April second. All five candidates were supposed to file at least two-thousand nominating signatures by January third. Pridemore came the closest to the minimum, with two-thousand-51. Megna had the second-lowest number of signatures with 21-hundred-24. Meanwhile, all three candidates vying for Dodge County Circuit Court Judge have had their signatures confirmed by the Government Accountability Board. Joseph Fischer of Watertown has 229 valid signatures, Dawn Klockow of Beaver Dam has 219 signatures and Joseph Sciascia of Juneau has 376. A minimum of 200 was required. They are seeking to replace Judge Andrew Bissonnette in Branch Three.


Salmonella Bird Deaths In Dodge County


1/12/13 – State officials say a small number of birds have died from salmonella poisoning in the Dodge County area. The D-N-R says the recent mild weather is to blame — along with dirty bird feeders where the bacteria have been known to build up. The D-N-R says gold-finches and sparrows have been poisoned to death in Dodge County and also Crawford County along with some pine siskins found in Dane County. The National Wildlife Health Center in Madison says birds are known to carry salmonella bacteria – and the spread it with their feces. Officials say humans can be poisoned the same way. The D-N-R is asking people to clean their backyard bird-feeders on a regular basis during the winter, using 10-percent bleach. Experts also say you should throw away empty seed hulls – replace water in a bird feeder every couple days when it’s above freezing – and move the feeders from time-to-time, so waste does not accumulate in the same area.


Drought Conditions Unchanged As of Tuesday


1/12/13 – Wisconsin has lost tons of snow this week, due to the mild temperatures. And it will be interesting to see if all the melting will reduce the state’s heavy drought conditions. So far, there’s been no impact reported. As of Tuesday, the U-S Drought Monitor said 88-and-a-half percent of Wisconsin’s land area is abnormally dry or worse. That figure has pretty much held steady over the last three weeks. About a quarter of the state’s land area remains in a severe drought status, including much of the northwest quarter of Wisconsin as well as the far south. Dodge, Columbia, Washington counties and the northern half of Jefferson County remain abnormally dry. Just north of Dodge County, about a dozen east central counties are not in any drought status – that includes much of Fond du Lac and Green Lake counties. The Drought Monitor takes its readings on Tuesday, so yesterday’s rain would not have been reflected in this week’s report. It will be considered for next week’s report, which comes out on Thursday.


Hunger Groups Cry Sour Milk


1/12/13 – Groups that help the hungry say they could use thousands of dollars’ in dairy products that are going sour at a milk processing plant which abruptly closed a week ago. Employees of the Golden Guernsey Dairy in Waukesha say up to 200-thousand gallons of milk and cottage cheese – plus butter and eggs – are wasting away. Milwaukee’s Hunger Task Force says it could go a long way to feed hungry people who show up at dozens of pantries, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters. Task Force director Sherrie Tussler says time is of the essence when it comes to serving perishables – and that time is running out. Former Golden Guernsey employee Robert Storm told W-I-S-N T-V that it’s a huge waste – and the products could have been sold to pay the 100-plus employees the company left behind. The L-A investment firm of Open-Gate Capital sought Chapter-11 bankruptcy for Golden Guernsey this week. And a federally-appointed trustee who controls the plant’s assets is worried about potential liability in donating the food. But Tussler says there’s a state law that anyone who donates food is exempt from liability. And she’s asked Governor Scott Walker – as well as the Hunger Task Force board members – to let trustee Charles Stanziale know about that law.


Wisconsin Presence In Miss America Contest Tonight


1/12/13 – If you don’t like the Packers, there’s another Wisconsin-flavored national event you can watch tonight. Kenosha’s Laura Kaeppeler will pass on her crown to the next Miss America, in a pageant that starts at seven o’clock on A-B-C. The 24-year-old Kaeppeler is finishing her one-year reign, after spending 340 days meeting celebrities, helping charities, and representing all that Miss America stands for. Kaeppeler is only the second Miss America from Wisconsin. Kaeppeler plans to go to law school and keep working with charities, including one she created – Circles of Support, a mentoring group for children of incarcerated parents. During last year’s pageant in Las Vegas, she professed her love for the Packers and asked Aaron Rodgers to call her. He didn’t, but they met a few weeks later at a Milwaukee Bucks game. Kaeppeler said the spontaneous gesture still haunts her, and she thanked Rodgers for being a good sport. She won’t be able to watch the Packer game at the Las Vegas pageant – but during her moments off-stage, she hopes to get the score and highlights on her laptop. Wisconsin’s new contestant in the pageant is U-W La Crosse graduate Kate Gorman. Her platform is attacking childhood hunger.