James C. Laird Museum In Waupun Will Be Closing

8/31/17 – The Waupun Historical Society voted Tuesday night to close the James C. Laird Museum. The decision stemmed from high operating expenses and the inability to generate enough revenue due to current zoning legislation. President of the Historical Society Jay Graff says he is appreciative of the hard work from volunteers and community supporters over the years. Graff says the organization needs a full-time staff in order to bring them in compliance with generally excepted museum operational practices. He says at the bare minimum they would need an executive director and two part-time staff which would allow the museum to be open more often but notes that hiring employees is expensive. Many of the exhibits featuring model trains and artifacts of water ponds will be cataloged and put into storage. Graff says he anticipates the property, which is located at 520 McKinley Street, to be sold to the highest bidder by the end of the year. The revenues from the sale will be rolled into their fund balance until a facility that can generate enough revenue to cover operating costs can be found. Graff says they will continue to improve their exhibits at the Carnegie Library at 22 South Madison Street and he encourages the public to reach out to him to find out more and to learn about opportunities to get involved. You can call Jay Graff at 920-319-9031 or email him at [email protected].