James is a 2.5 year old lab/ terrier mix. James began his Texas shelter journey in November of 2021 to no avail. Now in Wisconsin he is ready for his forever home. James Stewart weighs 46lbs. He does not like to be crate/kenneled, but will calm down after a short time. James is a well behaved boy who enjoys the company of other dogs his size and was fine when introduced to cats. James is an extremely playful guy that will romp around with a toy swinging from side to side in his mouth. He loves to have fun and will most definitely bring out your inner child. Staff and volunteers just absolutely adore him and the energy he brings into every room with him. As playful as this guy is; he also love to snuggle. He will rub himself against your legs like a cat or just plop his handsome self into your lap. James is fully house trained and learned how to sit in just two days. His preferred reward for being a good boy is toys and praise instead of treats. We promise you want to add this handsome man to your life.

Meet James this week at the Dodge County Humane Society

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