Inmate Facing Battery By Prisoner Charges

(Juneau) An altercation between inmates housed at the Dodge County Jail has resulted in felony charges. Daniel Ray Thompson of Fox Lake allegedly attacked a fellow inmate last month after being asked in days prior to cut short late night talking sessions so the victim could sleep. That victim says that Thompson had made threats to beat him and throw urine on him and was eventually granted relocation to another cell within the same pod. According to the criminal complaint, the victim was brushing his teeth when he noticed that Thompson was watching him. He pressed his intercom button to speak with the guards, resulting in his door opening. Thompson reportedly entered the victim’s cell and struck him repeatedly in the back of the head, scratched him, and bit him three times. If convicted of Battery By Prisoner, the 28-year-old faces up to six years in prison. Cash bond was set at $2500 and a judge will decide next week if there is enough evidence to order a trial.