Informational Hearing Held For Lomira Solar Farm Project

(Lomira) An informational hearing was held Monday to discuss the approval process for a solar farm project near Lomira. The proposed Springfield Solar Project would be a 100 mega-watt solar electric generating facility. The project is part of Alliant Energy’s plan to add over 400 megawatts of solar to Wisconsin as well as accelerate their initiative to transition to clean energy. Due to the size of the facility, the project is under the jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission who will make a ruling in the coming weeks to either approve, modify, or deny Springfield Solar’s application to construct the solar farm. During yesterday’s informational hearing, Public Service Commission Chief Legal Counsel Cindy Smith say they will review every concern the public has including the potential glare from the solar panels.

If built, local communities will receive an estimated $50-million-dollars in shared revenues over the duration of the solar farm’s life-expectancy which is 30 years. Smith says as part of the application process a decommissioning plan for the facility was included. She says local municipalities negotiated what’s called a Joint Developer’s Agreement which includes a provision to ensure the financial responsibility that dollars will be made available to undertake the decommissioning work.

There is no timetable for when the Public Service Commission will make their ruling on the project. Information about upcoming public hearings and to submit comments about the solar farm is on the Public Service Commission’s website at