Incumbent Mayor Tom Kennedy Joins Community Comment

4/1/17 – Incumbent Beaver Dam Mayor Tom Kennedy says his experience as an engineer has benefited the city since he was elected into office. Kennedy has been mayor for nine years, defeating current State Representative Mark Born in 2008. A native of Beaver Dam since childhood, Kennedy has been involved in several organizations such as the Exchange Club, PALS Tutor and Mentoring, and the Beaver Dam Planning Commission over the years. Kennedy says his re-election bid comes from his desire to help the community when he joined us yesterday on WBEV’s Community Comment. Stating he would not have to run again at his age of 65-years-old and could retire but does not feel like he is at that point. A continued focus on state and federal grants was something Kennedy pointed to in his interview. Stating that during his tenure the City of Beaver Dam has received over $16-million in grants which has helped save citizens on taxed dollars.


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