Improvised Geocaching Devices Sparking Concern

1/27/12 – There is a new trend sweeping the country and it’s got local authorities on a wild goose chase. It’s called “geocaching” and it’s a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using GPS-enabled devices – like smart phones — and then share their experiences online. If you log into you’ll find there are over 15,000 hidden geocache containers in the Beaver Dam zip code alone. It’s safe, family-friendly entertainment. There’s only one problem. People who are not in on the game think participants are planting random bombs all over the place. Dodge County Sheriff Todd Nehls says his department just got another call on Wednesday from the Town of Theresa reporting that a pill bottle was duct-taped to a road sign. Nehls says whenever somebody is hiding or concealing a container on public or private property many citizens report this activity as suspicious, suspecting either drug or terrorist activity. The Sheriff’s Department responds to these calls and quickly uncovers the suspicious items as a “geocache.” Nehls says he is hoping to educate the public about the possibility that suspicious activity could be the result of geocaching enthusiast’s favorite pastime. He also wants to let geocacher’s know that their actions could be misconstrued and lead to a lot of wasted time for law enforcement. For more information you can go to