Illinois Man Jailed For Running From Beaver Dam Police

(Beaver Dam) An Illinois man who ran from Beaver Dam police was sentenced Thursday to one year in jail. Ali Barnaby pled guilty to a felony charge of Fleeing and had a misdemeanor count of Obstruction dismissed but read into the record. An officer clocked Barnaby going 50-miles-per-hour on Industrial Drive in May of last year. When the sirens were activated, the vehicle fled at speeds around 80-miles-per-hour on North Spring Street, blowing through several stop signs, before reaching speeds in excess of 95-miles-per-hour as he left the city on County W. During the pursuit, law enforcement learned that the vehicle was listed as stolen out of Illinois. That vehicle was eventually disabled by tire deflation devices set up by the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office near High Point Road. A baton was used to smash the driver’s side window to unlock the door but the 18-year-old still refused to exit so officers cut his seatbelt and removed him. Barnaby will serve the year in jail with work release privileges and was given 80 days of pre-sentence credit.