If you snooze you lose

It’s a rare individual who jumps out of bed at the first sound of the alarm. Most fumble to hit the snooze alarm. Some hit it more than once. Turns out, we shouldn’t hit it at all. Those few extra minutes of precious sleep could make you tired all day. Why? When you hit the snooze alarm and fall back to sleep, it fools your body into thinking it really can sleep more — not just seven minutes longer but a lot longer. So when the alarm goes off again, your body is confused. Very confused. And you will pay for that all day, reports WTOP in Washington, DC, of research done by freelance writer and Rhodes Scholar Casey N. Cep. She calls the snooze button the root of all evil. “It’s one of the most deliberate ways we sabotage our lives,” Cep told WTOP. “It’s the enemy of both good sleep and productive wakefulness.” The takeaway: Get up when the alarm first goes off–no matter how tempting it is to hit the snooze alarm — and you will feel better all day.