Idea Exchange: September 4th- 8th

Monday, 9/4: No Show



Tuesday, 9/5:

Book Nook: TWO MINUTE MORNINGS, Neil Parsricha
The choices made in the morning can have a huge impact all day long. The creator of the bestselling Book of Awesome and Journal of Awesome encourages users to “win the day” in just a few minutes each morning. The simple, quick prompts—focusing on gratitude, letting go of stress, and setting daily intentions—are proven to increase happiness and set readers up for success every day.

Cooking Tip: Freezing Whole Tomatoes-There are a number of different methods. Dip tomato into boiling water to get the skin to “pop”. Remove skin; core; toss into freezer bags or containers and freeze until ready to use. OR wash thoroughly; cut stem end; halve or quarter so size is consistent; lay on jelly roll pan; flash freeze and once frozen, place in Ziploc or freezer containers. When ready to use-run under water to remove skin.

It’s Cheese Pizza and Quaker Oats day so we shared Zucchini Pizza Casserole and Oatmeal Craisin Cookie recipes.



Wednesday, 9/6: 

Book Nook: ENTREPRENEURSHIP and FEMALE EMPOWERMENT award recipient, India Hicks.
India Hicks, a lifestyle brand sold through “Ambassadors” and India is the winner of the 2017 Good Housekeeping Award for Entrepreneurship and Female Empowerment. She will share what inspired her to start this particular business model and will share her thoughts on the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s passing as India, at 13, was a bridesmaid in that historic wedding.


Thursday, 9/7:

Former governor of Wisconsin Marty Schreiber has seen his beloved wife, Elaine, gradually transform from the woman who had gracefully entertained in the Executive Residence to one who sometimes no longer recognizes him as her husband. In My Two Elaines: Learning, Coping, and Surviving as an Alzheimer’s Caregiver, Marty candidly counsels those taking on this caregiving role.

Today is Ice Cream Coffee, Egg Toss, and Read a Book Day.

The Warren’s Cranberry Festival is coming up September 22-24. Check out more information at




Friday, 9/8:

Book Nook: THE DREAM INTERPRETATION DICTIONARY: SYMBOLS, SIGNS AND MEANINGS, Jason Debord What do reoccurring dreams reveal? What’s the purpose of nightmares—and can they be stopped? Why do some people show up in dreams? Are some dreams actually warnings? Going beyond superficial explanations, The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Symbols, Signs and Meanings brings a deep and rich understanding to a variety of images, signs, and symbols. It considers the context to help anyone complete their own personal jigsaw puzzle. It provides the tools to allow anyone to sort through possible connections and to make sense of their dreams.