Idea Exchange: September 2nd – September 6th

Monday, September 2nd:

HAPPY LABOR DAY! No show today

Tuesday, September 3rd: QUOTE: “HARD WORK KEEPS THE WRINKLES OUT OF THE MIND AND SPIRIT”, Helena Rubenstein, businesswoman and philantrhopist

Spoke with Marianne Totsch from LAMERS. She shared details about the upcoming BRANSON HOLIDAY Tours. Recipes shared: Turkey Wraps and Ham and Cheese Crescent Roll Ups.


Wednesday, September 4th: “WISDOM BEGINS IN WONDER”, Sophocles  And there is wonder all around us in the world of color.


True Colors is about artists who create color from natural materials and about the historical importance and environmental sustainability of this practice. Deep conversations with twenty-eight artisans from every part of the globe reveal their wisdom, traditions, and know-how—and suggest that we ignore what they know at our peril. Traditional approaches to making color offer sustainable options to a fashion system badly in need of them and memorable cultural narratives to a world hungry for beauty and spirituality. True Colors provides an immersive visual experience and an inspiring travelogue of personal stories and practical information from artists who are leaving their mark on the world.

Looking for a recipe from the Idea Exchange from when Jim Stowell hosted the program. It containers fresh tomato, corn and onion along with some kind of herb or herbs and a light viniagrette dressing.


STORY SPOTLIGHT: Teacher and former baseball star! Terry Kieffer. 

Do you know anyone who has played played Major League Baseball? My guest today can! He played with the St.  Louis Cardinals after college and although his career was cut short due to injury-we’re going to explore his story during today’s STORY SPOTLIGHT. We’ll also talk about his 31 years as a teacher at Beaver Dam High School and his many years coaching the American Legion Post #146 Baseball Team. The above photos left to right: college championship-1974, Terry is top row, #17; The 1989 Legion State Champs; pitching stance; teaching baseball throwing skills; in Florida where he is on a current team. One of Terry’s favorite quotes: IT’S NICE TO BE IMPORTANT BUT IT’S MORE IMPORTANT TO BE  NICE.


Friday, September 6th: QUOTE: “LIFE ISN’T ABOUT WAITING FOR THE STORM TO PASS; IT’S ABOUT LEARNING TO DANCE IN THE RAIN”, Vivian Greene. Think about a storm in your life that made you stronger and how you danced in the rain during that storm.

OUR DOGS, OURSELVES, Alexandra Horowitz

From Alexandra Horowitz, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Inside of a Dog, an eye-opening, informative, and wholly entertaining examination and celebration of the human-canine relationship for the curious dog owner and science-lover alike.

We keep dogs and are kept by them. We love dogs and (we assume) we are loved by them. We buy them sweaters, toys, shoes; we are concerned with their social lives, their food, and their health. The story of humans and dogs is thousands of years old but is far from understood. In Our Dogs, Ourselves, Alexandra Horowitz explores all aspects of this unique and complex interspecies pairing.
As Horowitz considers the current culture of dogdom, she reveals the odd, surprising, and contradictory ways we live with dogs. We celebrate their individuality but breed them for sameness. Despite our deep emotional relationships with dogs, legally they are property to be bought, sold, abandoned, or euthanized as we wish. Even the way we speak to our dogs is at once perplexing and delightful.
In thirteen thoughtful and charming chapters, Our Dogs, Ourselves affirms our profound affection for this most charismatic of animals—and opens our eyes to the companions at our sides as never before.

We talked about National Breakfast Month; the rare Friday the 13th Full Harvest Moon-coming up next week; the alignment of the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn this weekend; the most popular cookies through the decades and recipes we shared: Green Pea Salad with Cheddar cheese, Breakfast Ham and Egg Cups and Peach-Blueberry Parfaits.