Idea Exchange: March 11th-March 15th

Monday, March 11th:


In 1986, Frank White was working on his groundbreaking book, The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution, when he heard the late Tom Wolfe, author of The Right Stuff, say, “The country has never had a
philosophy of space exploration.” This began a continuing quest to develop a deep understanding of why (and how) humans should explore the universe. The Cosma Hypothesis represents the culmination of White’s effort to develop a space philosophy. Following the pattern set in The Overview Effect, the book draws on interviews with astronauts about the ways in which spaceflight shifted their understanding of our relationship with the universe. The Cosma Hypothesis suggests that our purpose in exploring space should transcend focusing on how it will benefit humanity. We should ask how to create a symbiotic relationship with the universe, giving back as much as we take, and spreading life, intelligence, and self-awareness throughout the solar system and beyond.

Congratulations to the Beaver Dam High School Girls Basketball Team on winning at STATE for the 3rd year in a row; and to the Marshall High School Girls Basketball Team on winning at STATE for the 2nd year in a row! We talked about Mexican vanilla (I used it in the frosting for cupcakes I took to my grandson’s birthday party this past weekend. We also talked about all the things the Dodge County Historical Museum has to offer and I suggested you take your children or grandchildren there over spring break. We also talked about robins, Johnny Appleseed and weird brain excercises you can do. Recipes shared: Sesame Cold Noodles, Apples & Onion Topped Chops and Strawberry Lemonade Freezer Pie.

TODAY IS: Oatmeal, Nut Waffles, Johnny Appleseed, Geneology, Frankenstein’s birthday-1818, Worship tools





Tuesday, March 12th:


Readers of the highly acclaimed “Hello There” series will already be familiar with plucky Madison McGee, her magic fanny pack, and the MegaPix6000 – a TV she uses to teleport into whatever is playing on the screen. In this third and final book in the series, Madison is on a fateful trip back to Bainbridge Island, where she grew up, to spend the summer with her best friends, Noah and Violet.  It’s an emotional journey, shadowed with memories of her mother, and questions about her father’s disappearance. As she and her dog Leroy travel from New Mexico to the west coast, she opens her fanny pack and discovers a photo of a black-haired boy. Even though she’s sure he’s a stranger, she intuitively knows that he needs her help. Again, it’s the MegaPix6000 to the rescue, and the “Mighty Trio” enters a weird and frightening world of magicians, shapeshifters, and evil doers.

The biggest mystery for Madison to solve is a personal one. Her search for answers leads her to discover that sometimes life changes in unimaginable ways, and that the unexpected can finally lead her home.

We talked about the Girl Scouts and I shared a recipe using MY favorite Girl Scout Cookie; ways to eat a better breakfast; how retirees can be employed at Miller Park this summer-registration is tomorrow, March 13th from 5-7pm; tips on cleaning the bathroom; 6 snacks to attract backyard birds. Recipes: Dulce DeLites, Spicy Corned Beef Tacos and I shared the Beaver Dam Piggly Wiggly recipe for this week: Slow Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage. I also repeated the make Ahead Breakfast Casserole from last Wednesday.

We talked about: Girl Scouts, Ways to eat a better breakfast; retiree jobs at Miller Park; tips on cleaning your bathroom; and 6 snacks to attract birds to your backyard. Recipes shared: Dulce deLies and Spicy Corned Beef Tacos.

TODAY IS: Baked Scallops, Girl Scouts, Commonwealth, First Library, Organize your Home Office,


Wednesday, March 13th:

We talked about Good Samaritans: Tom & Judy Heffron; K-9 veterans, umbrellas indoors, coconut torte, and jewel day. Recipes: Panko Roasted Asparagus, and Rainbow Citrus Cake.

TODAY IS: Coconut Torte, Ear Muff, Good Samaritan, Planet Uranus discovered, Uncle Sam’s birthday-1830, Open an Umbrella Indoors


Thursday, March 14th:

We talked about PI, otato chips, AG day, world kidney day, write your own story, David Geshke’s new book and the live Book Nook segment that will take place on Thursday, March 28th, things Disney guests aren’t allowed to do; cleaning the bathroom and how you can “unshrink” cotton. Recipes: French Toast Stars, Butterscotch Peanut Butter Bars, Strawberry Salsa, Gingered Mango Salsa Quick Picante Sauce and Leprechaun Bark.

TODAY IS: Potato Chip, PI, Save a Spider, Butterflies, Casey Jones’ birthday, Albert Einstein’s birthday-1830


Friday, March 15th:


Planning for one’s financial future can sometimes be difficult. Raising children also has its challenges. Now imagine how hard it is for parents of special needs children to plan not only for their retirement but for the long-term care of their children. One entrepreneurial certified financial planner has dedicated the last three decades of her practice to helping families of special needs children. She has just released a book that assists them through the emotional, legal, and financial pitfalls, Beyond a Parent’s Love: Lessons Learned in Life Planning for Special Needs Children.

Our interview today had to be postponed. It has been rescheduled for Tuesday, April 9th. We talked about the Ides of March, Incredible Kids, the Buzzards of Hinkley, Ohio, places you are forgetting to clean, the Northern Lights and why shamrocks are considered lucky. I shared a tip about “gingerrroot”. Recipes: Irish Breakfast, and Lavender Lemon Bars.

TODAY IS: Pears Helen, Brutus-The Ides of March, Buzzards, True confessions, Incredible Kids