Idea Exchange: June 4th – June 8th

Monday, June 4th:


Fatherhood caught David McGlynn by surprise. His sons arrived in quick succession―the first when the author was a dirt-poor student and the second not long after he’d moved his family across the country to start a new job in bucolic Wisconsin. As a result, McGlynn found himself colliding with fatherhood, at once scared to death and utterly thrilled. Just like many new fathers, he hopes he’s doing the right thing―but he’s never quite sure.

One Day You’ll Thank Me translates the small, often hilarious moments common among parents of young children, especially dads, into “life lessons” about fatherhood.

TODAY IS: Frozen Yogurt, Cheese, Old Maid, Radial Tires, Apple Computer, Born in the USA (1984), Shopping Cart (1937)

We talked about donuts, combining fresh  herbs to make new flavors, reasons to love beets; different kinds of beets and how to roast beets and garlic. Recipes: Garlic Herb Butter,  15-Minute Bacon Cinnamon Rolls, Very Berry Spread, Roasted Beetroot and Garlic Hummus and BBQ Picnic Chicken.



Tuesday, June 5th:


Stop summer slide, stay summer smart!

From the creators of America’s #1 educational bestseller Brain Quest comes Summer Brain Quest: Between Grades 1 & 2—a workbook, a game, and an outdoor adventure! It’s an interactive and personalized quest to keep kids excited about learning all summer long between 1st and 2nd grades. Also available: Pre K & K, and grades 3-4.

TODAY IS: Gingerbread, Teachers, First Hot Air Balloon-1783, Attitude

Today’s discussions were: hot air balloons, 8 plants that repel bugs, and how to speed clean your gas grill. Recipes shared: blueberry Ricotta Coffee Cake, Southwestern Cheese, Sausage and Cornbread Strata, Cheddar, Onion and Bacon tart, Chocolate French Toast, Three-Layer Nanaimo Bars and Party Pretzels.

I gave a “shout out” to Mary Hoppe of Watertown, she is in her 90’s and listens everyday. We talked about different kinds of cheeses, tips for storing cheese, amking onions on the grill, how to use vinegar for gardening and what shortening is. Recipes: Rhubarb Torte, Mushroom Gouda Quiche and Wisconsin Butter-Basted Burgers



Wednesday, June 6th:

TODAY IS: Applesauce Cake, YMCA birthday, Yo-Yo , couple Appreciation, Drive-In Movie theater-1933, D-Day

Today we talked about the little known facts about D-Day, the history of the Yo-Yo and had a fun discussion about DRIVE-IN THEATERS. Listeners called in to share their “drive in movie” stories-after I asked for their first-or last movie they remember seeing at the “outdoor”. Recipes included: Asparagus Soup, Applesauce Mini Muffins, O’Brien Sausage Skillet, Savory Green Beans and different ways to use Old Bay Seasoning.


Thursday, June 7th:


With fantastical narratives, home-brewing instructions, and original craft cocktail recipes, Mead is the ultimate exploration of the resurgent alcoholic beverage that is nearly as old as time itself. 

Beloved by figures as diverse as Queen Elizabeth and Thor, the Vikings and the Greek gods, mead is one of history’s most storied beverages. But this mixture of fermented honey isn’t just a relic of bygone eras — it’s experiencing a cultural renaissance, taking pride of place in trendy cocktail bars and craft breweries across the country. Equal parts quirky historical narrative, DIY manual, and cocktail guide, Mead is a spirited look at the drink that’s been with us even longer than wine.

TODAY IS; Chocolate Ice Cream, VCR birthday, June Bug, Freedom of the Press, Cheer Coaches, Family Recreation

I shared the proper way to scoop ice cream and soup tips. Recipes: Asparagus Potato Soup, Sugarless Applesauce Cake, Favorite Rhubarb Cake, and Applesauce Cake.

Friday, June 8th:

TODAY IS: Ice Cream, Watch, World Ocean, Frank Lloyd Wright, Vacuum Cleaner-1869, Lassie’s birthday

John hosted the show today. Recipes shared: Shredded BBQ Beef, blueberry Upside Down Mini Cakes, Raspberry Walnut Pork Salad, Sour Cream Lemon Pie, Deep Fried Cookies and Bacon Cheddar Jalapenos