Idea Exchange: January 7th – January 11th

Monday, January 7th:

TOP TECH TRENDS AT THE CES (CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW), Andrea Smith. Find out what will be revealed at the CES, which begins today in Las Vegas.

We talked about Old Rock Day, packing up holiday decorations and what to eat to reset your body. Recipes shared in today’s segment: Spinach Lentil Soup, Garlic Rosemary Brussels Sprouts, Shredded kale & Brussels Sprouts Salad, Spinach Pie and Crispy Shrimp Tempura.

TODAY: Tempura, Fruitcake Toss, Old Rock, Organize your Home

Tuesday, January 8th:

We talked about all natural cleaning solutions using lemons, 5 tips for weathering the next storm (and how to prepare for blizzards and snowstorms), National Shop for Travel-and we spoke with Marianne from LAMERS TOUR & TRAVEL, and I shared Elvis Trivia. Recipes: Butter Brickle Dream Bars, Nutella Hot Chocolate, Frozen Hot Chocolate, Hot Caramel apple Cider, Buttermilk Biscuit Mix, Quick Chicken Pie, Pigs in Biscuits, Baked Pasta Casserole and Easy Chicken and Dumplings.

TODAY: English Toffee, Bubble Bath, Show and Tell at Work, Milk Carton-1929, Elvis Presley’s birthday (1935)


Wednesday, January 9th:

The Metabolic Makeover: 8 Weeks to Macro Mastery teaches you how to manage macronutrient intake to make over your metabolism and your mindset. Author Tiffany Breeding, PhD (aka Dr. Tiff), brings you science-backed info, practical applications, and weekly nutrition exercises to help you understand your metabolism and achieve long-term results. After completion of her “no BS” program, which cuts through all the diet-industry bunk, you’ll have the knowledge and skillset to maintain progress and maximize personal performance. This book is a must-read whether your goal is to lose body fat, build muscle, or just eat smart to fuel your life.

Today we talked about Apricots, Word Nerd Day (do you know the only word in the English language that has 3 consecutive double letters? You’ll have to listen to the audio to find out the answer!). We also talked about why household chores can help you de-stress and make you happier and I shared the 5 questions you should ask when you are trying to declutter and purge items from your home. Recipes today: Taco Soup, Cocoa Pumpkin Brownies, Pesto Pasta with Chicken, Make Ahead Taco Salad Cups, and Anytime “Fun-du” Fondue.

TODAY: Apricot, Word Nerd, Aviation in America, Clean off your Desk

Thursday, January 10th:


A new twist on keto: The fat-burning power of ketogenic eating meets the clean green benefits of a plant-centric plate

The keto craze is just getting warmed up. The ketogenic diet kick-starts your body’s metabolism so it burns fat, instead of sugar, as its primary fuel. But most ketogenic plans are meat- and dairy-heavy, creating a host of other problems, especially for those who prefer plants at the center of the plate. Dr. Will Cole comes to the rescue with Ketotarian, which has all the fat-burning benefits without the antibiotics and hormones that are packed into most keto diets.

Packed with expert tips, tricks, and advice for going–and staying–Ketotarian, including managing macronutrients, balancing electrolytes, and finding your carb sweet spot, this best-of-both-worlds program is a game-changer for anyone who wants to tame inflammation and achieve peak physical and mental performance. Let the Ketotarian revolution begin!

We talked about important papers and how long to keep them; household uses for peanut butter (did you know you can use it as a substitute for shaving cream?!), January Horoscopes (Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Aries)-according to the Farmer’s Almanac and the Northern Lights and what causes the different colors. Recipes shared: Easy Egg Drop Soup, Ground Hog Cookies, Old Fashioned Mac and Cheese.

TODAY:Bittersweet Chocolate, Peculiar People, Cut Your Energy Costs


Friday, January 11th:

TODAY: Marzipan, Milk, National Pharmacists, Handwriting-(John Hancock’s birthday)