Idea Exchange: January 21st – January 25th

Monday, January 21st:

TODAY: Granola Bar, Squirrel Appreciation, Women’s healthy Weight, Hugging


Tuesday, January 22nd:

TODAY: Blonde Brownie, National Soup Swap, Celebration of Life, Polka Dots, Come in from the Cold, Answer your cat’s question


Wednesday, January 23rd:

TODAY: Rhubarb Pie, National Pie, Measure your feet, Snowplow Mailbox Hockey, Better Business Communication, Compliment, Spouse’s Day


Thursday, January 24th:

TODAY: Peanut Butter, Eskimo Pie, Just Do It!, Speak up and Succeed


Friday, January 25th:

TODAY: Irish Coffee, Fluoride, Opposite Day, 101 Dalmations’ bd (1961), Fun at Work