Idea Exchange: 3/12 – 3/16

Monday, March 12th:


Howard Shifke fully recovered from Parkinson’s Disease. This inspirational memoir presents Howard’s story of getting Parkinson’s and provides a detailed account of how he won the fight against it.

This powerful recitation describes what it was like for Howard to live day-to-day with Parkinson’s, getting through the daily challenges and misgivings as well as how he looked toward the future with hope.


TODAY IS: Baked Scallops, Girl Scouts, First Library, Organize your Office, Dennis the Menace birthday-1951

We talked about the Planet Line up in March and when they’ll be most visible. Recipes shared: Reuben Pizza, Cheesy Bacon Breakfast Lasagna, Stout Slow cooker corned Beef and Veggies, and Blarney Stone Bars.



Tuesday, March 13th:

WORRY BEE, Anne Biese

When Worry Bee has worries, breathing techniques help calm the mind and body and reassure that all is well. This book offers practical tools to be used by children who experience fear or are overwhelmed by their feelings. The breathing skills are demonstrated through fun rhymes and beautiful illustrations supporting the idea that feeling peaceful can happen anywhere, anytime.


TODAY IS: Coconut Torte, Ear Muffs, Good Samaritan, Planet Uranus discovered, Uncle Sam’s birthday, Open an Umbrella indoors

Talked with Jane Losey, from Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board about the Wisconsin Cheese Competition and putting together cheese boards ( Shared the following recipes: Rainbow Funfetti Dip, Roasted Salmon and Green Beans, and Brownie Cheesecake Bars.



Wednesday, March 14th:

TODAY IS: Potato Chip, PI, Save a Spider, Butterflies, Casey Jones’ birthday, Albert Einstein’s birthday-

Talked about how to remove burned-on residue from stainless steel cookware; how to grow and freeze herbs; differences between various cooking oils and the best tricks when making meringue cookies. Shared these recipes: Green Clover Pretzels, Meringues, Bacon, Sausage and Sauerkraut Pie and Apple Fritter Cake.



Thursday, March 15th:

TODAY IS: Pears Helen, Brutus-Ideas of March, Buzzards in Hinkley Ohio, True Confessions, Incredible Kids

Mentioned the roll our of our “test” show-LIVE VIDEO RECORDING of the Idea Exchange Show tomorrow. I’ll be sharing Edible Easter Craft ideas. Went live to coverage of the controlled burn of Glenview Apartment Building.


Friday, March 16th:

TODAY IS: Artichoke Hearts, National Quilt, Vitamin C, Preschool Teacher Appreciation,

We went LIVE with our VIDEO BROADCAST of the program today! Made history on this station… You can view the show by going to the “AUDIO” tab and searching for the “Live Idea Exchange Program”. I showed how to make Mike and Ike Bunnies, Jumbo Bunnies, Chocolate Flowers and Reese’s Racers. Check it out.