Idea Exchange – 2/26-3/2

Monday, February 26th


TODAY IS: Pistachio, Thermos Bottle, Tell a Fairy Tale, New York Subway-1870, First movie cartoon-1909, Levi Strauss

Talked about the Beaver Dam Family Center lighting contest and how you can  help them win, just by voting on the website Recipes shared: BBQ Sauerkraut Casserole, Yogurt Biscuits, Very Cherry Lasagna, and Fluffy Lime Pie.


Tuesday, February 27th

Mark J. Moldrem, of Beaver Dam will talk about his book, RANDOM ACTS OF WRITING

Reading in and of itself is a joy. Reading for knowledge and insight is a manifold joy. Reading for self-reflection and personal growth is an infinite joy. You will experience all these joys reading this book.

Learn the meaning of the earths tilt. Be surprised by wings. Appreciate the value of a good nights sleep. Delight in the courage and wisdom of Auggie. And more.





TODAY IS: Kahlua, Polar Bear, No Brainer

We shared tips on the best way to chop garlic and quarter sheet pans are so handy in the kitchen. Recipes shared: Baked Sauerkraut Dish, Rainbow Cookies, MInty Green Mousse, and Kahlua Hot Fudge Sauce.


Wednesday, February 28th

TODAY IS: chocolate Souffle, Paczki, Pancake, Floral Design, Public Sleeping, Pocket invented in 1590


Lady Lucy’s Quest is the story of a feisty young girl who wants to be a Knight in the Middle Ages. She confronts many hurdles but ultimately finds success because she is able to solve problems in unique and unexpected ways. Through her actions and words, she demonstrates the importance of pursuing one’s dreams and the power of the possible for children everywhere.

 ***Karen was in Canada and couldn’t get through to us so we’ve rescheduled this interview for Thursday,

Today we talked about the health benefits of grapefruit and I shared quick and easy Nacho ideas for upcoming “March Madness” viewing (and munching). Recipes: Peanut Butter Pancakes, Grapefruit Yogurt Cake, Mashed Potato Pancakes with Onions and Bacon, Buckwheat Pancakes and a listener shared her homemade Pancake Syrup recipe that she and her family have been enjoying for over 40 years.


Thursday, March 1st:

Make a List: How a Simple Practice Can Change Our Lives and Open Our Hearts, Marilyn McIntyre

What if writing a list could literally change your life?

From the ancient book of Numbers to the latest clickbait listicle, list-writing has been a routine feature of human experience. Shopping lists. To-do lists. Guest lists. Bucket lists. Lists are everywhere you look.

But what if our lists did more than just remind us to buy milk and take out the trash? What if the practice of list-making could help us discover who we truly are and even point us to our deepest joys, hopes, and desires?

In Make a List teacher, writer, and wordsmith Marilyn McEntyre shows readers how the simple act of writing a list can open doors to personal discovery and spiritual growth. Deepening her reflections with abundant writing prompts and real-life examples, McEntyre turns the humble list into a work of art—one that has the power to clear minds, open hearts, and change lives.

TODAY IS: Peanut Butter Lovers, Go Bowling, National Pig, Share a Smile, Solo Vacation, Day of Seals

I shared more common laundry mistakes; a listener shared a tip on making your whipped cream a little firmer and recipes given: Mandarin Orange Cake, Luck ‘O the Irish Stew, and Green Ombre Cupcakes.


Friday, March 2nd:

TODAY IS: Banana Cream Pie, Old Stuff, Pyramid, World Book, Cat in the Hat, Silly Putty, Babysitter Safety, Read Across America, Dr. Seuss-1904, National Salesperson

We talked about the history of Silly Putty, Dr. Seuss and weather forecast in our area for March and April. Recipes shared: Fruity Pull Apart Bread, Golden Chicken Pot Pie, Irish Cream Cake, Scrambled Egg Brunch Bread and repeated the Madarin Orange Cake from yesterday.