Idea Exchange: 10/09 – 10/13

Monday, 10/09:

TODAY IS:  Dessert-Leif Erikson-Fire Prevention-World Post

Tuesday, 10/10:

THE FARMERS ALMANAC 2018, Sandi Duncan, Managing Editor

What’s 200 years old and still read all over? The Farmers’ Almanac! Published every year since 1818, the Farmers’ Almanac continues to charm, amaze, inform, and entertain readers of all ages. Want to know when to plant your vegetable garden? The Almanac s got that! How about the best days to fish or quit smoking? It’s in there. Easy-to-read charts and calendars help you plan not only your day, but your month and year ahead. And the Almanac’s long-range weather predictions help you prepare for winter, spring, and the summer ahead.

 TODAY IS:  Angel Food Cake-World Mental Health Day




Wednesday, 10/11


From the author of the cult favorite Pro Cycling on $10 a Day and Ask a Pro, the story of one man’s quest to realize his childhood dream, and what happened when he actually did it.
Like countless other kids, Phil Gaimon grew up dreaming of being a professional athlete. But unlike countless other kids, he actually pulled it off. After years of amateur races, hard training, living out of a suitcase, and never taking “no” for an answer, he finally achieved his goal and signed a contract to race professionally on one of the best teams in the world.

TODAY IS: Sausage Pizza-Emergency Nurse-Newspaper Carrier-Bring your Teddy Bear to School


10:30-11AM: FALL GARDEN DOCTOR PROGRAM with Dick Zondag, of Jung’s Garden Center

Thursday, 10/12

TODAY IS: True Columbus Day-Scream and Shout


Friday, 10/13

TODAY IS: FRIDAY THE 13TH!-Yorkshire Pudding-Skeptics-World Egg-Train your Brain-US Navy