IDEA EXCHANGE: 01/15 – 01/19

Monday, 01/15


This entertaining and sharply written guide—for both beginners breaking into comedy and professionals seeking to improve their sets and advance their careers—examines the work of great comedians such as Louis C.K., Jerry Seinfeld, Eddie Izzard, Moms Mabley, Hannibal Buress, Sarah Silverman, Richard Pryor, and more as a means of illustrating the most important techniques of performing and writing stand-up.


TODAY IS:  Strawberry Ice Cream, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, World Religion, Elementary School Teachers, Martin Luther King, Jr., First snowflake photographed in 1885

We talked today about how to make your own cake flour, how to make a Valentine Heart-shaped cake, (if you don’t have a heart-shaped pan) and how to make the most of lemons. Recipes shared: BBQ Chicken, Cherry Almond Oatmeal, Orange Milkshakes, Brownie Batter Bean Dip, Valentine Cookies





Tuesday, 01/16


Private sector action provides one of the most promising opportunities to reduce the risks of climate change, buying time while governments move slowly or even oppose climate mitigation. Starting with the insight that much of the resistance to climate mitigation is grounded in concern about the role of government, this books draws on law, policy, social science, and climate science to demonstrate how private initiatives are already bypassing government inaction in the US and around the globe. It makes a persuasive case that private governance can reduce global carbon emissions by a billion tons per year over the next decade. Combining an examination of the growth of private climate initiatives over the last decade, a theory of why private actors are motivated to reduce emissions, and a review of viable next steps, this book speaks to scholars, business and advocacy group managers, philanthropists, policymakers, and anyone interested in climate change.

TODAY IS: Fig Newton, International Hot and Spicy Foods, Nothing Day

We shared tips on Bread Baking and Driving in Wintertime and shared these recipes: Cake Doughnuts, Chicken Wings, Wake Up Casserole, Onion Apple Pork Chops, Breakfast Rice Porridge, Chorizo and cheese Rice Patties and Real Fried Rice.


Wednesday, 01/17

TODAY IS: Hot Buttered Rum, Judgement Day, customer Service, Ben Franklin birthday (1706), Popeye birthday (1929), Operation Desert Storm began in 1991

Today’s show covers: baking with kids and how to save money at the grocery store. Recipes shared: Buttery Cinnamon Cake, Zoodle Lasagna, BAnana-Mango Yogurt Parfaits, Spicy Meatballs and Chocolate Pecan Cobbler from Mr. Food.

Thursday, 01/18

TODAY IS: Peking Duck, Winnie the Pooh (A.A. Milne’s birthday-1882)

Are you a Cookie Craver? Doughnut Nut? Ice Cream Enthusiast? Cake Claimer? Passionate Pie Eater? Brownie Believer? or Precious Pudding Connoisseur? We talked about “food-oscopes”; what your favorite dessert says about you. We also discussed Healthy Food Swaps and disgusting objects you  might be forgetting to clean. Recipes shared: Go-To Weeknight Goulash (Mr. Food), Hot Chocolate Mix (Mr. Food), Mini Snowmen Cheesecake, Black Forest Ice Cream Cake

Friday, 01/19

TODAY IS: Popcorn, hat day, Tin can, New Friends, brew a potion, International “Sing Out” National Penguin

We shared ways to de-clutter and get organized and learned a little more about Umami today. Also the following recipes: Roasted Vegetables, Bacon-Tater Egg Cups, Quarerback Calzones, Sideline Snackers, Soft Chewy Oatmeal Cookies