Ice Shanty Removal Deadline March 17th

(Wisconsin) As a reminder to winter anglers, the Wisconsin Department of Resources has set a deadline for removal of ice shanties from all state waters north of Highway 64 by the end of today.  With the higher temperatures causing melting of ice and snow on lakes and rivers, removal of shanties could be difficult, so Wisconsin DNR Chief Conservation Warden Todd Schaller says owners experiencing problems can seek local assistance from fishing clubs, vendors and other anglers.  Anyone who misses the deadline should contact the states DNR Violation Hotline and provide the location of the shelter, and any attempts that have been made to remove it.  Schaller says, “the information will be passed on to the local conservation warden who will use discretion in the enforcement of the deadline, with the important thing to continue to work to remove the shelter.”  The public is also urged to contact the hotline if they are aware of any owners who are not taking responsibility for their shanties.  The DNR Violation Hotline is 800-TIP-WDNR or 800-847-9367