Hustisford Man Recounts Run-In With Trooper Attacker

6/29/17 – We’re starting to learn more about the incident from Tuesday in which a Menominee Falls man who attacked a state patrol trooper and was subdued by two witnesses. The incident happened when the trooper attempted a traffic stop on Highway 33 east of Horicon in the Town of Hubbard. The suspect eventually stopped his car in the traffic lane on County Highways S at TW, then reportedly put the vehicle in reverse, crashed into the trooper’s squad car, exited and became aggressive. That’s when two passerby’s stopped their vehicle to assist the trooper. Rick Rogowski of Hustisford blocked the suspect vehicle from leaving then got out of his car and wrestled with the 21-year-old suspect. He says the trooper was being held in his car by the suspect who was agitated. Rogowski says he yelled at the subject who then turned his attention to Rogowski long enough for the trooper to exit his vehicle. The suspect jumped on Rogowski’s back and punched him in the head several times while Rogowski had one of the suspects hands secured behind his back. He and the second citizen rolled onto the ground because, as Rogowski puts it, he was not giving up the fight. Rogowski called into yesterday’s Community Comment program on WBEV when our guest was Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt, who had this to say about the two citizens who helped law enforcement. Schmidt says this could have ended much differently and, while they never encourage this type of behavior from witnesses, law enforcement is grateful for their actions. Schmidt says Rogowski will be hearing from law enforcement in the future. The State Patrol is handling the investigation into the trooper assault while the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the vehicle collision. Charges are expected to be filed through the District Attorney’s office.