Hustisford Man Given Jail Time For Attempting To Flee Police Custody

(Mayville) A Hustisford man was sentenced Tuesday to 60 days in jail for attempting to flee police custody. Patrick Kocha pled no contest to felony Escape and two misdemeanor Obstruction charges dismissed but read into the record. A Mayville officer ran plates on a vehicle in November that showed it belonged to a missing person from Massachusetts. Kocha, who is the missing person’s father, told police his daughter is not missing and that she is staying at a residence. The 43-year-old was allowed to leave the scene but was pulled over again later because of a broken brake light. During that stop, Kocha jumped out of the car, stood in between the squad car and his vehicle then walked away when he was told he was being detained. As police attempted to grab Kocha, he struck an officer in the face and took off on foot. Authorities visited his residence and the person believed to be missing told police she was there of her own accord. Police later arrested Kocha when he tried to return to the home.