Hunting On City Property Not Allowed In Mayville In 2020

(Mayville) Hunting on city property in Mayville will not be allowed next year. The Common Council passed a resolution this month prohibiting the recreational activity throughout 2020. Hunting on city-owned or leased property could have been granted through authorization by the common council or the parks director but the adopted resolution means that will not happen all of next year. Bow hunting is permitted within city limits under current city code so long as the person follows the correct regulations. Mayor Rob Boelk says the request to hunt on city property was brought forth by a resident of Mayville. He says on advisement from the Parks Department, they believed the deer herd levels in the city were fine and did not need controlling. Boelk says if hunting was allowed, there would need to be a process in place to determine who would hunt and when. He says opening up hunting on city property is a public safety concern and they did not want anyone getting hurt. Boelk says the Common Council will review the matter again in 2021.