How to copy Meghan Markle’s favorite workout with a Pilates-inspired circuit

(NEW YORK) — If Meghan Markle is like many brides, she ramped up her workouts in the weeks and months before her May 19 wedding to Prince Harry.

When Markle lived in Toronto, where she filmed the TV show “Suits,” the royal-to-be trained at Ultimate Athletics with Paula Ryff, the gym’s co-owner.

Ryff still trains Markle’s close friend and style adviser Jessica Mulroney, who posts videos of her intense workouts with Ryff on Instagram.

The workouts are not for the faint of heart, focusing on slow, Pilates-inspired movements to deliver the ultimate burn.

Markle, whose mother is a yoga instructor, has called Pilates, specifically a type of Pilates done on Megaformer machines, the “best thing you could do for your body.”

“Your body changes immediately … give it two classes and you will see a difference,” Markle has said of Pilates Platinum, a California-based Megaformer studio owned by a close friend of Markle’s.

The good news is anyone looking for a good workout can train like Markle.

Ryff created a custom workout for “GMA” viewers with Pilates-inspired moves.

Give this workout a try, whether you’re a bride-to-be or just want to be in royally good shape.


No equipment needed. This is a workout that can be done at home and just requires your own body weight.


Pilates-inspired circuit workout targeting the stomach, inner thighs, backs of shoulders and arms.


These moves can be performed in any order! They may look simple but they will BURN.

The moves should be done with no break in between. Complete the circuit twice for a wedding-ready body in under 15 minutes.

Perform these moves with the following reps.

Crouching kick

Eight reps per leg.

Side bridge with leg sweep

Eight reps per side.

Pushup with side crunch

Six reps per leg (modify to a knee push up if a full push up is too difficult.)

Shoulder V

15 reps total.

Ab twist

45 seconds total.


1. Variety.
 We hear this but rarely do it! People love to do things that they are good at and are familiar with. But if you incorporate exercises that are new and multiplaned such as Pilates, barre or weight training, the body will respond faster and be less prone to overuse injuries.

2. Eat your meal, don’t drink your meal.
 We have teeth for a reason. Eat whole foods as close to nature made them. As trendy as juicing and shakes are, high fruit sugar and liquid lunches can make the digestive system sluggish. So eat smaller amounts and lots of color in your meal and chew your meal.

3. Don’t just check the box. Just going to your workout or class doesn’t cut it! You get what you give. Put into your routine what you want to get from it. Just showing up won’t get the results you’re looking for. Higher intensity and shorter bouts of anaerobic activity pay off more so than everyday moderate activity. Get rid of the TV on the machines. If your workout is mundane, try and find different experiences to enjoy at the gym.

4. Sleep. People frequently pride themselves in today’s society on how little sleep they can get by on due to a “crazy” workday and lifestyle. Bodies recover both metabolically and physiologically with adequate sleep and short naps


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