A Horicon Will Head To Trail For Breaking Into Restaurant

3/31/17 – A Horicon man will head to trail for breaking into a Kekoskee restaurant to steal money. Lucas Mueller waived his right to a preliminary hearing yesterday on charges of felony Burglary of a Building of Dwelling among other felony and misdemeanor charges for Theft and Bail Jumping. On March 18, police were dispatched to Cooper Shop Saloon for a burglary that occurred overnight. The restaurant owners reported missing close to $400-hundred dollars and that whoever stole the money knew exactly where to find it. The 32-year-old Mueller had allegedly contacted an employee at the restaurant, to ask him details about were money was kept inside the saloon. The employee reportedly told police officers that he drove Mueller to the restaurant then waited from him at a nearby cemetery and was paid $200-hundred dollars for driving him. According to the criminal complaint, a bartender recognized the shoes worn by the perpetrator in security footage that allegedly belonged to Mueller. If convicted, Mueller faces up to 12 an half years in prison. An arraignment hearing is scheduled for April 12.