Horicon Trims Red Ink In 2020 Budget, Deere Seeks Lower Assessment

(Horicon) The Horicon City Council approved their preliminary 2020 budget for publication this week. The $3.9-million-dollar document increased roughly $100-thousand dollars from the 2019 budget. The $2.4-million-dollar levy is up $60-thousand dollars. The council went into budget talks with a deficit of $17-thousand dollars. City Clerk-Treasurer Kristin Jacobson says that number was whittled down to around $600 in red ink on Monday. The budget will be balanced with money from the general fund.

Last year, Horicon adopted a budget with a two-dollar and 16-cent ($2.16) spike resulting in an $11.89 mill rate, all because of a miscalculation by the state Department of Revenue related to the new John Deere expansion. Several residents converged on city hall after receiving their tax bills last year. No word yet on the mill rate for 2020 though Jacobson says it will be lower.

Equalized values are expected to increase in Horicon by as much as four percent. Complicating calculations this year is a is an attempt by John Deere to have the assessed value of that new expansion lowered.

The city held-off on major projects like road reconstruction this year to help offset the spike taxpayers saw on their bills last December. Mayor Jim Grigg says there are two road projects on tap for next year.

That includes the complete concrete reconstruction of West Lake Street from Vine Street to the bridge just past John Deere and the mill and overlay of Oak Lane and Division Street near the new grade school and high school.

The public hearing and budget adoption is slated for November 26 at 6pm.