Horicon Police Recover Stolen Vehicle Tracked By GPS

(Horicon) Horicon Police were able to track down a vehicle stolen from a suburban Milwaukee car dealership. The agency was asked by the Glendale Police Department on Saturday to intercept the car, which was being monitored by GPS.

Rodney Harris, an employee at the Toyota dealership, was arrested at gunpoint after officers located the vehicle on County Road E, near Highway 26. The 53-year-old Milwaukee man apparently took the car without asking management. The dealership learned it was missing after receiving reports of a hit and run involving the stolen vehicle and realizing that Harris had not been to work in several days. Inside the vehicle, officers found clothes, energy drinks, candy wrappers and cologne.

If convicted on the felony count of Opening A Vehicle Without Owner’s Consent, he faces a maximum three-and-a-half year prison sentence. Harris had a signature bond set at $1000 yesterday and a judge will decide next month if there is enough evidence to order a trial.