Horicon Police Chief Going On Army Mission To Korea

3/6/17 – The Horicon Police Chief will be out of office for about two weeks this March on an overseas mission. Joseph Adamson will be visiting Korea on military orders in a multi-force and multi-national exercise. He says the weeklong effort with the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines is focused on establishing processes for detainee operations and non-combatant housing and transportation operations.  Adamson is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve and commands a battalion of military police officers which consist of around 700 people. He will serve as Operations Officer over ground forces during the exercise, acting as “choreographer” for the drills making sure General Garcia’s intent is understood and followed by the brigades, battalions and companies that are working together.  The mission runs from March 14th through the 25th. Adamson just celebrated his 34th year in the military on Saturday.