Horicon Non-Profit Hoping To Save Aging Pavilion

10/2/17 – A non-profit group in Horicon is hoping to save the nearly century-old pavilion at Discher Park. Dan Buchner is the Executive Director of the Horicon Phoenix program. Buchner says the pavilion has been an integral part of the community since being built in 1909 and is the most rented city-owned parks building. He says renovations are estimated at around $100-thousand dollars with the foundation expected to cost around $50-thousand dollars and restoration of the roof is estimated at between $10-and-$15-thousand dollars. The group has around $60-thousand dollars in cash and pledges. Mayor Steve Neitzel says he appreciates the history of the building but from a fiscal standpoint, the aging structure does not meet today’s needs and functions. Neitzel says the council has cooperated with the group for five years and the time has come to make a decision. Buchner says the pavilion is an asset that should be maintained. He notes that another group of private individuals and civic groups stepped forward 20 years ago to update the pavilion and what is happening now is an extension of that. The city council has directed the group to obtain bids from a contractor and bring that information to their October 10 committee of the whole meeting. If the group’s fundraising efforts fall short of the estimated bid amount, elected officials would have to decide if is worth contributing any money to the effort, or if city workers should remove the structure, which Neitzel says would not cost much.