Horicon Mayoral Candidates At Odds Over City Administrator Postion

(Horicon) The candidates for Horicon mayor have been trading barbs. It started with former Mayor Jim Grigg telling WBEV-WXRO that he ran because his opponent said that Horicon needs a city administrator. Horicon Common Council President Nathan Anfinson clarified his statements made last month on WBEV’s Community Comment in a press statement issued Sunday afternoon.

Anfinson says that he wants only to “look” at hiring a city administrator, emphasis on “look” adding that by no means is it a done deal. He also criticized Grigg for saying that the city clerk-treasurer can handle the duties of a city administrator. Anfinson says the clerk has a responsibility to make sure the books are correct and the bills are paid, not to be an Economic Development Director. He says a city administrator is trained in many areas of government and law that would help the city reach that next level. Anfinson says he would work side-by-side with the administrator to make sure Horicon is going in the correct direction.

Grigg says he ran because Anfinson “emphatically promised” not only a full-time city administrator but also another part-time assistant and a grocery store. Grigg says the people of Horicon prefer accomplishments to empty talk and backtracking.

In Sunday’s statement, Anfinson also said the city “barely grew” under Grigg’s tenure as mayor. He says the “bottom line” is that Grigg “lacks commitment and follow through” and he would be “aggressive and persistent” in working to attract businesses and developers to the city. Anfinson also said Grigg would “bring back status quo mentality to Horicon.”

Grigg says the “status quo” statement is a “slap in the face” to the council during the six years he was mayor by implying that elected officials did not accomplish anything. Grigg says in his ten years of city government he has had positive experiences against multiple opponents and was “disappointed” that his opponent resorted to mudslinging.