Horicon Mayor Wants Developers To Give The City A Chance

(Horicon) The mayor of Horicon wants potential developers to consider the city for their projects. Josh Maas says there is already an example of a large-scale business having success in Horicon. 

“Look at John Deere…I mean it’s not like its been there for 10 years…it’s been there for a 100,” says Maas. “Businesses that give Horicon a chance succeed. I’m talking industrial. Companies that have given Horicon a chance have succeed, not just John Deere…I’m talking Gardeners, Steel Services, Metalcraft is there now.” 

Maas says there is one type of industry that the city is in need of. 

“Right now, our service industry is lacking…outside our bank is ridiculously strong…Horicon Bank is a powerhouse,” says Maas. “We have wonderful bar restaurants. You see Beaver Dam here…they’re getting Noodles, and Jersey Mikes, they have Wendy’s, Burger King, all this stuff. We have nothing. That’s were Horicon needs some of those service-based industries that will take advantage of the fact that our traffic through Horicon is considerably more than goes through downtown Beaver Dam. I mean obviously these places that are being built aren’t by [the] downtown, they’re off of [Highway] 151.” 

During a recent Community Comment, Maas made his pitch to prospective businesses. 

“We need others to take the chance on us…because we have the demand…we have the workforce,” says Maas. “Any restaurant type place that’s looking for a captive audience…we have the traffic and we have the workforce of people that are hungry. We have a lot of benefits…we just need someone to take that chance on us.” 

Maas also expressed a desire to expand and grow the city’s Kwik Trips, adding that they essentially serve as their grocery stores. He says (quote) “Horicon lives at Kwik Trips.”