Horicon Mayor Talks Need To Update IT Department

(Horicon) The City of Horicon has several long-term projects ahead of them. Along with improvements to the wastewater treatment plant, an update to the IT department is also needed. Mayor Josh Maas:

“So, our information technology,” says Maas. “Not only normal things like cybersecurity, cyber protection which we’ve addressed a lot over in the last six months, but also GIS, geographical information systems.”

Maas says an update to the GIS system would allow features of the city to be mapped out and seen more clearly.

“Being able to map out our utilities, map our manholes, map our ash trees, map almost anything, and have them in layers where we are able to pull them up instantly and make a decision,” Maas says.

The mayor says he hopes to be able to visualize geographic features of the city instead of having to look at a drawing.