Horicon Marsh Bird Club – O is for Owl

(Horicon)  O is for Owl.  The Horicon Marsh Education and Visitor Center will play host to a presentation by Jack and Holly Bartholmai, all about the nesting activity of Barred Owls.  Jack and Holly have shared an interest in the natural world since childhood, becoming focused on birds when they moved to 22 acres of land in rural Beaver Dam – a place they call Hickory Springs.  They are avid backyard birders with a list of over 180 species of birds that have visited or nested on the property over the last 39 years.  “O is for Owl” is a presentation of both still photos and videos with sound that tell the story of a pair of nesting Barred Owls at Hickory Springs.  The presentation will relate how the owls select a nest site,  the laying of eggs, the raising of young, as well as the predators and prey that were a part of their lives.  O is for Owl is January 17th at 7pm, at the Horicon Marsh Education and Visitor Center.  For more information about the Horicon Marsh Bird Club Program and this presentation contact Jeff Bahls, Horicon Marsh Bird Club President at 920-210-4832.