Horicon Man Heading To Trial On Vehicular Homicide Charges

(Oak Grove) A Horicon man facing Vehicular Homicide charges is heading to trial. Daniel Bryfczynski waived his right to a preliminary hearing Thursday on four felony charges including Injury by Use of a Vehicle with a Controlled Substance along with Operating with a Restricted Controlled Substance Causing Injury, Second Offense. During a subsequent arraignment hearing, the defendant entered a not guilty plea.

Prosecutors say Bryfczynski had multiple drugs in his system at the time of the crash last June in the town of Oak Grove. The 47-year-old allegedly admitted to law enforcement that he fell asleep behind the wheel before crossing the centerline on Highway 33. A 50-year-old Lake Mills woman was killed.

When questioned, Bryfczynski reportedly admitted to smoking marijuana earlier in the day while fishing. He apparently told officers that the effects of the drug had worn off prior to getting off the water. Investigators searched the boat and allegedly found four-and-a-half grams of marijuana. A blood test revealed positive amounts of not only marijuana but also cocaine, ketamine, and opiates.

If convicted, Bryfczynski faces over 62 years behind bars.