Horicon Domino’s Features Electric Delivery Vehicles

(Horicon) Customers ordering out from Domino’s in Horicon will now get their pizza’s delivered in an electric vehicle. The company has announced that the business, located at 622 Washington Street, features delivery via four custom-branded Chevy electric vehicles.

According to Domino’s website, it is the only store in the state to have EV’s on the road now.

Horicon Domino’s Franchise Owner Allan Erwin says the brand has a longstanding history with revolutionizing the pizza delivery space. He says Domino’s was the first to introduce pizza delivery in 1960 and since then, the company has rolled out a custom-built pizza delivery vehicle and tested autonomous delivery with cars and robots. Erwin adds that using electric delivery cars makes sense as vehicle technology continues to evolve.

Company officials say EV’s provide several advantages for their stores including ample battery life, zero tailpipe emissions, advanced safety features, and lower average maintenance costs – all without the financial impact of high gas prices.